What is an overpair in poker

As we said before, one of the most common combinations encountered in poker is Pair. It is precisely because of the high probability of its release that its value is the lowest. But this article is dedicated to a special case – Overpare, this particular case, shows us that the strength of the Pair can be quite significant.

We already know that the weight of a Pair is directly dependent on its denomination. Naturally, a pair of kings in your starting hand is a good start. How it will be played at further stages also depends on what kind of cards will be revealed on the table.

Pairs in poker also have internal, so to speak, distributions – according to their denomination, it is logical that a pair of queens is higher than a pair of sixes and in terms of their overall, so to speak, quality. This article will focus on the concept of Overpair.

What is an overpair in poker

Suppose the following situation – three out of five cards are open on the board, namely – two, four and nine (of any different suits), and the player has a pocket pair of tens – this is called not a pair of tens, but an overpair, since the board cards do not exceed tens at their face value. The oldest of them is nine.

The second case – the player still has the same tens in the starting hand, but now the seven, three and jack are open on the table. Here, the participant simply has the usual pair of tens, since the jack on the board is higher in value. So there is no overpair here.

The third separate case is that the following cards are on the board – the off-suit king, nine and seven, but the participant is holding pocket cards from a king and an ace (of different suits). We cannot call the case of coincidence of two kings an overpair, since only pocket pairs of a player fit this definition, and here there is one king in the hand, and the second on the board is common. These two identical cards are called Top Pair.

We figured out what exactly is called an overpair in poker. This knowledge will be especially useful for novice players in order to feel more confident during future games and to more easily assess the situation at the table, making certain decisions and choosing a bet.

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